California Frequently Asked Questions

Does SafetyNet Wireless offer California LifeLine discounts to all customers?

SafetyNet Wireless offers California LifeLine discounted services on a non-discriminatory basis to any customer residing within the service territory where the Company offers retail wireless telephone services. SafetyNet Wireless will only provide California LifeLine discounts to participants that are found eligible for California LifeLine Service by the California LifeLine Administrator.

Are SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine participants required to purchase bundled plans with video, data, and/or other services to receive California LifeLine discount?


What handsets does SafetyNet Wireless offer to California LifeLine Participants?

SafetyNet Wireless provides a free handset to California LifeLine participants. Handsets may be new or refurbished depending on availability and market conditions. However, if a California LifeLine participant desires to purchase a different handset, SafetyNet Wireless will offer all handsets to participants on the same basis as the Company’s retail customers.

How do I enroll in Safetynet's California LifeLine Program?

Currently, enrollment in Safetynet's California LifeLine program can only be done in person at one of our event locations. Having just started service in California, we have a limited number of events at this time but will rapidly increase our distribution network.

Does SafetyNet Wireless provide a voice-grade connection?

Yes. LifeLine customers have the ability to send and receive voice-grade calls over all domestic distances (local and long distance) via a wireless voice-grade connection to the public switched telephone network. Domestic voice calls are not distance sensitive; a customer does not pay more for making a domestic long distance call than for a call within their local exchange area

What happens if a California LifeLine participant fails to receive a voice-grade connection and notifies the service provider?

California LifeLine participants are entitled to a voice-grade connection. If a California LifeLine participant fails to receive a voice-grade connection and notifies SafetyNet Wireless, SafetyNet Wireless will (1) promptly restore the voice-grade connection, or if not possible, (2) provide telephone service to that participant using a different technology if one is available from SafetyNet Wireless and if the participant agrees. However, if a voice-grade connection cannot be provided, the participant may contact SafetyNet Wireless to terminate California LifeLine Service without penalty

Are there times when my service may not work?

Service is subject to transmission limitations caused by certain equipment and compatibility issues, atmospheric, topographical and other conditions, as well as proximity. Service can only be available when in range of a transmission source, which you should be aware of when leaving your home area. Service is dependent on radio towers which require electricity to operate and could become non-functional in the event of a power outage if backup power is not available or runs out. Further, service may be temporarily refused, limited, interrupted or curtailed due to system capacity limitations, technology migration or limitations imposed by the Carrier, or because of equipment modifications, upgrades, repairs or relocations or other similar activities necessary or proper for the operation or improvement of the Carrier's radio telephone system. Neither SafetyNet Wireless, nor any Carrier, shall have any liability for service failures, outages or limitations of Service.

What happens if I decide to terminate my California LifeLine Service shortly after activation?

California LifeLine participant may terminate service within 14 days of service activation or at any other time for any reason without incurring early termination fees. If a California LifeLine participant terminates service within three days of service activation, excluding national holidays, applicable service connection charges and deposits, if there were any, would be refunded. However, SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service does not require payment of a service connection charge or deposit by a customer who is found eligible for California LifeLine Service by the California LifeLine Administrator. Each SafetyNet Wireless plan is subject to a one-time $39.00 activation or service conversion charge. The one-time charge is charged to a customer’s account at activation; however, if the customer is approved for LifeLine, the Company will provide a $39.00 discount back to the LifeLine customer’s account

As a California LifeLine participant, can I pay my phone bill in person without being assessed a fee?

SafetyNet Wireless is a prepaid service provider that does not bill its customers. SafetyNet Wireless does not assess a fee to customers when adding value to their prepaid customer account. However, third-party vendors and retail locations that provide in person payment services may charge their own convenience fees.

Are calls to 911 and SafetyNet Wireless Customer Care free and unlimited for California LifeLine participants? Do they count against my allotted voice minutes or number of calls?

Calls to 911 and SafetyNet Wireless Customer Care are free and unlimited for SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine participants, and they do not count against allotted voice minutes or number of calls

Are there standards for 911 emergency services location accuracy and reliability?

Your handset will be able to place calls to 911 even if you have no minutes available. It is advised, by Public Safety Officials, that you should be prepared to provide information about your location when making a 911 or other emergency call. Wireless service, unlike landline phones, uses less reliable methods to place calls and to determine your phone number and location. Network coverage can be adversely affected by weather, structures, buildings, geography, etc. Because of these factors, emergency operators may not be able to determine your location or your phone number, or, you may not be able to complete a call at all. Occasionally, callers may attempt to call 911 in areas where there is no wireless coverage. If there is no wireless coverage, your call to 911 may not go though and you should dial 911 from the nearest landline phone. Enhanced 911 service, also known as E911, relies on GPS technology to obtain location information. This service is dependent on a number of factors such as the abilities of the local emergency authorities, GPS ability of your phone, whether your GPS enabled handset has GPS turned on, and your phones ability to obtain a GPS Satellite signal which can be impaired by being indoors, weather, etc. Even when available, E911 does not always provide accurate location information.

What is the fee for accessing 800 or 800-like toll-free services?

There is no fee to access 800 or 800-like toll-free services, but these calls count against allotted voice minutes.

Does SafetyNet Wireless provide free access to the California Relay Service via 711?

Yes. SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine participants have free access to California Relay Service via 711. Associated calls using the 711 relay service may count against minutes.

Does SafetyNet Wireless provide access to two California LifeLine discounted telephone lines to Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program participants?

Yes, SafetyNet Wireless will provide access to two California LifeLine discounted telephone lines to participants in the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program

What happens if SafetyNet Wireless discontinues its participation in the California LifeLine Program?

In the event that SafetyNet Wireless were to discontinue offering California LifeLine service, 30-days’ prior notice would be provided to participants.

Will my SafetyNet Wireless device work on another provider’s network?

SafetyNet Wireless handsets are designed to be activated on our networks and in other coverage areas that we may make available to you. As programmed, it will not accept wireless service from another carrier.

What happens after I receive my phone at a SafetyNet Wireless event or location?

Even though SafetyNet Wireless provides a handset directly to you when you apply for LifeLine service, this does not mean the LifeLine application process is complete. After you receive your phone, you will have 500 free promotional minutes (and 3:1 texting, 3 texts = 1 minute) that you can use as normal until your LifeLine application has been approved. We will notify you via text message when the California third-party administrator has approved your LifeLine application and verified your eligibility. Once your LifeLine application has been approved and your eligibility verified, you will be placed on the LifeLine plan you chose at the time of enrollment.
If your LifeLine application comes back with a denial requesting more information, we will reach out to you to gather the additional information required.

What happens when the SafetyNet Wireless handset is removed from the home?

When you remove your SafetyNet Wireless handset from your home, other family members in your household may not be able to reach 911 emergency services.

What is the California Mobile Telephony Services Surcharge?

The Californa Mobile Telephony Services Surcharge (MTS) is imposed by a California law taking effect on January 1, 2016 which affects prepaid wireless services. See California MTS for more information.

Who can I contact if I have a complaint?

You can always contact SafetyNet Wireless Customer Service if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints by dialing 611 from your SafetyNet Wireless phone or by dialing SafetyNet Wireless’ toll-free number 888-224-3213. However, you may also contact the California Public Utilities Commission’s Consumer Affairs Branch: by telephone 1-800-649-7570 (Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm); or by mail CPUC Consumer Affairs Branch, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102