Wireless Plans and Services

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Current Lifeline Supported Plans

Lifeline Supported Plans Effective 12/2/2016

Plan Price/Mo Voice Minutes Text Messages Incl. Data RollOver
Lifeline Basic $0.00 500 500 0MB No
Lifeline Plus $1.00 500 1500 0MB No
Lifeline Unlimited Text $5.00 1000 Unlimited 0MB No
Lifeline Basic - Data $0.00 50 100 500MB No
Lifeline Plus - Data $5.00 200 500 500MB No
Lifeline Unlimited Text - 500MB Data $10.00 500 Unlimited 500MB No
Lifeline Unlimited Voice/Text - 500MB Data $19.99 Unlimited Unlimited 500MB No
Lifeline Unlimited Voice/Text - 1GB Data $27.99 Unlimited Unlimited 1GB No
Lifeline Unlimited Voice/Text - 2.5GB Data $37.99 Unlimited Unlimited 2.5GB No

All the above plans come with Voicemail, Caller ID, and Call Waiting.
Unused Voice, Text, and Data do not rollover to the following month.

Current Prepaid Plans

Plan Price/Mo Monthly Minutes Carryover Text Message Features Availability
Basic 250 $14.99 250 No 1 Text= 1 Min
(GSM 3Txt=1Min)
Caller ID
Call Waiting

Pricing for domestic calls and text messaging only. All domestic text prices are to send and receive.